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Welcome to RSU 25


Welcome to Regional School Unit 25

Adopted Policies

Section A - School District Organization



Section B - School Board Operations




Section C - General School Administration



Section D - Fiscal Management



Section E - Business Management



Section G - Personnel



Section I - Instructional Program



Section J - Students



Section K - General Public Relations



Our Mission

To provide a rigorous and inspiring education in partnership with our community.

Our Values

Regional School Unit 25 is committed to meeting the needs of all students. We value student ownership of learning, the importance of teaching and organizing learning experiences around individuals’ strengths and needs, and engaging students in meaningful learning experiences which foster risk taking and build confident learners. We embrace learning as continuous across one’s lifespan and recognize the importance of leadership and participation opportunities. We believe it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure a safe and nurturing community that promotes healthy minds and bodies. We value and respond in an appropriate manner to the voices, ideas, and understandings of all community members.

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